Annual Maintenance is necessary and we offers a one year committed service that includes four time routine maintenance services. Where we check the stabilizer, remote, compressor, fan speed, P.C.B, transformer, Condenser, Air filters, Magnetic switch or any other breakdowns. Our service is valuable and we provide immediately service, annually four time service and will remind you, we notice your complaints and respond you immediately, we undertake window or split AC of any brand, we also repair the AC that is not in working mode. At the time of installation we guide people to fix the voltage stabilizer as it to feed the current in AC or computers in constant manner and fluctuations of input or output voltage such as 220V or 230V. Different types of stabilizers are available in market and you need to choose the best one. If you are going to purchase it will help you in picking the right one and get them for individual appliances like separate for refrigerators, LED’s, Air Conditioners rather than using one for whole. And living it on for long duration can raise your electric bill too.