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AC Repair Service Centre in Jaipur repair various air conditioners like Godrej, LG, Voltas,Samsung, Daikin, Videocon, Carrier, Panasonic and so forth. We have skilled technician who provide you the service of Window or Split AC leak in addition to AC water leak or water pump repairing.

At the time of summer when your air conditioners are not working appropriately and no mechanic is ready to visit at your home ….. That is an irritating moment for you. But our AC repair service is always with you that helps you in an emergency also.

We satisfy our customer by filling their all needs, out techies explain them about the issue that arise in their AC and we try to fix a permanent bond with our client. After finishing the installation process we ask client to check the AC in front of us and if any problem is found we will fix it at a time. We guide you how to consume less voltage since AC acquires high power or how to achieve most satisfactory performance level. You can install AC repair app in your device and can approach us easily, though you can visit our web page and request for our service and we will give you an immediate response of your query. You can buy air conditioner of any brand from us we have warranty offers as well as non-warranty AC’s also. You can book AC online also through our website and the cost would remain same. Our techies will visit your home to install the AC device and check the water leakage, remote problems, and water pump repairing issues in your old AC’s. We deals with installation or repairing service for commercial as well as residential purpose, you can replace your old remote or AC if you found any issues. Although all AC maintenance service providers have different standards that they follow but our engineers follows their own knowledge. Our service is remain open till midnight, we provide free service for one year if you had buy AC from our shop..

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Our teams is of experienced technicians and also have knowledge of repairing AC. They will never let you to take objection on our work. We try to give our best service in inexpensive rate and the duration of repairing process is maximum of one hour. You can reach us any time by calling on our number. Our mechanics supposed to work in responsive environment and all are of plateful nature.

We follow pre planned approach like maintenance or inspection plans are made prior and we work according to them. The payment is asked at the end of work. Our AC experts will provide you the home service also where they will come to your place and repair your air conditioner i.e. called in-house service. We offers 100% reliable or safe service and our experts will never misbehave with our client. We provide ecofriendly environment while working and make a strong connection with our client’s to make them our permanent customer. Though by giving them a best or flexible service they call us whenever they found issue, they will tell you the fault in your AC and they will suggest you how you can fix the minor problem by yourself We are always eager to provide our excellent service Choosing our service in Jaipur is worthwhile as we have many characteristics in us such as:-

  • Our staff is trained and fully experienced
  • Charges are nominal for repairing and installing the AC’s
  • We offers service of different brands
  • We have professional mechanics to fix the issues
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • One stop solution for all problems
  • Friendly or Reliable service
  • You can book our service at any time
  • In-House service is not expensive
  • Use modern approaches for proper maintenance

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What our client says

I genuinely appreciate you giving time on the weekend to repair our AC. I presume that is the reason that I have no problem to refer your company.

Vijay Yadav

The note I am writing is to thanking you and your team who are available at 24*7. The services offered by you have realistic solutions. Your hard work and honesty will take you life longer in market. The payment demand by your technician is also reasonable.

Raghav Mittal

AC Repair Service, Jaipur is always there when you are in need. You can call them in an emergency also. I had a fault in my AC due to power cutoff at midnight. I call them and they came on time at night also. Its wonderful job and service provided by them in Jaipur. Feel free to contact them anytime.

Rishabh Bajaj

Extremely quick response after a call. The technicians have friendly nature and have an experience to repair the AC of any brand. The communication between customer and technician is also favourable. The price demand after service is reasonable and the service given by them is flexible. Appreciate you work.

Vimal Singh

I had an issue with my Voltas split air conditioner on Sunday evening. I call AC repair service in Jaipur, they provide me a service by sending their technician to my home at the moment. He was superb with his work and also explains me the reason of that occurrence of fault.

Raman Jasani

We requested home service for our AC system. First we were totally surprised the technician comes very shortly and he repairs the water leakage problem in a minute and guides us how to repair this by your own if you can’t reach to us.

Gautam Sharma